VAX '13- Verge notifications and more!


A few weeks back, members of the Vox Product team went down to Texas to dig in on their first hack week, called VAX (Vox HAX). They posted a great video documentary, and did several posts on their blog (1, 2). The team cooked up some really interesting stuff, as well as (what looked like) a ton of delicious BBQ. If you're a fan of The Verge, or Vox Media as a whole, I'd urge you to check out the posts and video.

From what the video shows, the team put together everything from a proof of concept Polygon digital magazine, to notifications for posts/comments on The Verge (which could presumably be implemented across all the Vox verticals, shown above), to a bunch of cool internal tools for the various Vox teams to use.

[Photo Source: Vox Media's Flickr]