Ok, this is cool. Wirelessly stream you Windows 8 PC (or Surface Pro) to another display

So, let me give you a little preface here. I've been long looking for that ideal system where I can use my Surface Pro anywhere I want and stream the display to my monitor. Well, because Microsoft chose not to use an Intel Wifi adapter (really guys?), that dream seemed to be shattered.

Until just now.

I've found a way to wirelessly stream my Surface Pro to my 23" Full HD monitor. And to boot - I've combined both my Surface Pro and my Laptop. I'm typing from my laptop onto my Surface.

And yes, I kind of feel like Iron Man right now using two computers almost flawlessly linked together.

I simply used a remote desktop display service called Splashtop. I installed the streamer on my Surface Pro and then installed the receiver on my laptop. I plugged in my display into my laptop and used the 2nd screen to host the Splashtop receiver. Due to how Windows 8 handles duel screen setup, the stream is isolated to the external display. I can still use my laptop as I would any other day while having access to both they keyboard and mouse on my Surface Pro.

This configuration should work with any set of Windows 8 computers or from a Windows 8 computer to any Android or Ipad device. You could also buy one of those 'Android streamers' that connect to a TV and (in theory) mirror your display anywhere simply by plugging it in.

Pen and OneNote still work with full sensitivity and I appear to be streaming 1080p. The only downside is that you need to set your surface or windows 8 pc to 'performance' to get a good frame rate. It doesn't quite look like a full 30 fps, but it's close. I have a free Splashtop account, so considering it costs me nothing, I'm perfectly fine with it.

Just thought I'd let everyone know because I thought it's awesome to roam around the house with my surface and still have it streaming to my display. No wires or adapters - just streaming. :)