Microsoft family, winXP,winVista,win7,win8,winBlue talk

The samsung exec that says win8 is no better than vista...They want it to be like vista…. Think about it, everybody loves xp, they hate vista, they like 7. Next it will be everybody loves 7, hate 8 and they like 9/blue whatever.. 8 is basically just like a demo of what is to come with metro/ modern and all that just as vista was a demo of aero. Plus, everybody that had 8 when 9/blue comes out will immediately upgrade or people still with xp who think they need to upgrade will read reviews and all the reviews will be biased because everything and anything is better than 8…..

Although personally I don’t see the problem with win8, I think it is just a little price in a much much larger jigsaw that involves Xbox, kinect, wp and surface as one family.. In fact my mum and dad were totally surprised when they discovered that the Xbox was made by Microsoft. Microsoft really needs to this image across that they are not just making windows software, and that they are actually a major competitor to apple in that they have power, money, ideas, and virtually control some aspects of technology like Xbox and windows while they are rising quickly in others( windows phone, surface etc.). What do you guys think?