Settings should use a grid of icons

Seriously, a 4x5 grid of icons, much like the app drawer of the stock launcher, on the main settings screen would work much better than the current list layout, where you have to scroll a lot and parse moving text/images to access things. Plus, I think that fingers a similar to mice in that larger square targets are easier to click/touch than short rectangular targets. OS X has a icon grid for System Preferences, and it's organised quite nicely.

The top row would contain Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Data Usage, and "Wireless and Networks" (what's currently listed under the "more..." subcategory at the moment). Seeing that you can now toggle Wifi and Bluetooth in the quick settings in 4.2.2, the switches for those seem pretty unnecessary at this point in time.

Then you'd have Display and Sound, Storage, Battery, and Apps on the second row. The third row would contain Location, Security, Language & Input, and Backup & Reset.

The fourth row would contain the first 3 accounts to be set up on the device, and then the fourth icon would show the rest of them. The bottom row would contain Date & time, Accessibility, Developer Options and About device.

Thoughts and feelings about this idea? And yeah, I admit that I'm not sure how a tablet UI would be implemented.

By the way, it'd be cool if someone could mock something up. You can find the resources for the icons at /system/app/Settings.apk/res/drawable-xhdpi if you scroll down a bit (I don't think that folder needs root access).