[Help] From HTC Sensation 4G to Nexus 4 or beyond [No Troll]

I was looking to upgrade from my HTC Sensation 4G (from T-Mobile), and I'm wondering if I should go for the Nexus 4 now, or wait for a few more months...

Here are some facts:

- I'm living in Europe so NO LTE is NOT an issue.

- The battery on my HTC is terrifying: I've had it for nearly 2 years, and this morning, unplugging t from the charger, it took 10-15mn to go from 100% to 85% while checking twitter (and other social networking apps) while walking outside (so no heavy use, I suppose)

- The price of the Nexus 4 is obviously attractive, especially since I'm not sure if I'll still be in the same country in a few months, so not being tied to a carrier is good!

- The lack of news on iOS7, the fall-cycle of releases for iPhones, and the Apple-premium-pricing puts me off iOS

- WP7/8 or BB are out of the question.

- Android has improved a lot in 2 years, so I'm much more optimistic about the platform (using the HTC for 2 years really put me off of using droids at some point)

- I'm going to be travelling abroad at the end of the month, and will need to get a local sim with a good data plan. Obviously, if my Sensation is with me, I'll have to check-in, and shut it within 20mn to last for a day...

- related to the previous point, delivery time for the Nexus 4 is 3-5 business days, so that should be alright

So I'm not sure whether I should upgrade to the Nexus 4 or wait some more...