Photo Club - March 2013 - Submission is open!


My excuse for the delay lads, haven't had the chance to be near a computer (was too busy getting my ass kicked at paintball!)

The theme for this first edition of the verge photo club, chosen by you, the people, is....

Vegetables and other foods, shot in such a way to make them look like something else entirely, or interesting in another way. The idea for this theme came from mr or mrs asdfjklasdfjkl (such a nice name), he or she had this as an assignment in their high school photography class.

Now, please read these rules on submission and other rules of entry:

  • This thread is not where you submit your pictures. Submit your entries to
  • In your email, please include the following: Your picture, in JPEG file format, in the highest resolution possible, without any watermarks. Add the details of your shot (camera+lens, focal length, aperture, shutter speed and film/ISO), and also include a short explanation of your shot(max 100 words please).
  • As the subject of your email, format it like this: Photo club [month + year] - [account name] - [entry number]. Let's say I'm submitting my second picture in this month's club, the subject would be 'Photo club March 2013 - mikeiseendonut - 2'. Simple as that, should help me keep things organised.
  • Any person is allowed a maximum of three entries per month.
  • Submission closes at the end of sunday, 24th of march. That 'end of day' is based on my timezone, which is gmt + 1. Do the math to find out what that is in your time zone, or just make sure pictures are submitted well before then.
  • Use only original images. I will check the date on which your picture has been taken, and any picture that has been taken before the creation of this post, or has magically traveled back through time from long after submission closes, will be disqualified.
  • At the end of the month I'll create an online survey where we can all vote for our top three pics of that month. Please refrain from voting on your own entries.
  • Please do not post your pictures in this thread, asking for feedback. The 'Weekly Critique Thread', is a great place to get some tips and tricks.

That should do! Now, this thread will be where we discuss the subject, give each other some advice, links to handy dandy articles, and so on. If asdfjklasdjkl could start with explaining a little more about the task, that'd be great! I saw you talk about Edward Weston, that's a good one to Google.

Finally, please try to keep this thread alive, so that it remains somewhat at the top of the forum, informing any newcomers of our merry project.

Go forth, and shoot!