The iPod Classic.

The iPod Classic's most recent version came out in 2009.

That's about 3.5 years ago. And it hasn't been updated since. Some people argue that there's no market for it anymore, and I'm not too sure, some one would have to pull out numbers for that. But I see a market for it in everyone who has a lot of music and doesn't want to use his phone for it (for reasons like battery life, etc). Yeah, people now stream music too, but some of us care about the bitrates and want lossless audio, something streaming can't manage yet.

But the current iPod Classic (the 6th gen, rev 2) is in today's market a substandard product. Low res screen, battery life could use improvement, etc.

Is the community still expecting a new iPod Classic? Maybe not a 7th Gen overhaul version, but maybe a 6th Gen rev 3? It is long overdue. I've been expecting a new iPod classic, for the Lightning port, if for nothing else. Why is Apple letting the iPod Classic die out?