Is it possible to build mod a Game Boy Advance to have a backlight?

I'm not entirely sure that anyone but me cares, or if there is even the modding/hacking community here to have the answers to such a question, but I still thought I'd give it a shot. I would also like to clarify that I have almost no modding/hacking experience myself.

For a long time now I've thought it would be really cool to have an arctic white Game Boy Advance with a back light, as that was the first handheld console I ever had and the second overall. The GBA, although cool and nostalgic, isn't very nice to play on since it doesn't have a back light which means you are constantly reorienting yourself in relation to the nearest light source. To be clear: no, I don't just want a GBA SP, they're alright but this idea is more about nostalgia than ease of accomplishment.

One option I know of is to get the screen from a AGB-101, the latter model of the Game Boy Advance SP which had a back light, and transplant it into a Game Boy advance. The problem with this is that it almost certainly requires buying a Game Boy Advance SP as well as a white GBA, which would be more expensive than I would like.

The second option which I thought of, though I'm not sure that it will work, is to buy a cuttable EL panel, cut it to the proper size and put it behind the LCD of the GBA. At first this seems like a brilliant idea to me but then I realized that (I'm pretty sure) there is a thin sheet of metal surrounding the back of the LCD which would render the EL panel useless. If you know anything about this idea that I haven't thought of, please tell me.

I'm not sure if anyone has found a way to accomplish this besides the first method, but creative thinking and hypothetical ideas are completely welcome. Hopefully there are people here who actually care about this sort of thing and I don't just seem like an idiot.

Thanks for reading.