Just a shout-out to cooperative multiplayer

I don't know why, I just felt moved to post this here. Between teaching and graduate school, I get behind in current video games sometimes. This week, I put Mass Effect 3 back in to check out some of the recent changes. It's my favorite game, but my favorite part of my favorite game is that all the multiplayer stuff is cooperative. To me, it is so much more fun when everyone is working together. It's even better when other players have headsets and coordinate with each other. I think about the first game I played on Xbox Live: Modern Warfare 2. I hated it. It was too intense, and I'm sure you could guess the kind of stuff that got said. I regretted paying for Xbox Live and wondered what people enjoyed about being cursed at by random pre-pubescent voices all night. Anyway, I spent a few hours today catching up on all the changes, and had a lot of fun doing so. I hope that companies in the future will consider building great cooperative multiplayer experiences into their games to appeal to people like me. This was one of the only games that I paid $60 for when it first came out, and it has been worth every dollar and then some. Totally random, just figured this group would understand. :-)