iPhone 5S won't be enough?


via static.guim.co.uk

The chart above shows that Samsung is catching up very fast with Apple. And it's growing so fast, it seems like it may be able to overtake the iPhone ( 6 years after the original iPhone!) with the release of its flagship S IV in Mar 14. Without doubt, Galaxy S IV will have beefier processing power and overall better hardware than iPhone 5. S4 is also rumoured to feature other breakthrough features other than bumped up specs, such as the ability to scroll with your eyes. (....really, Samsung? But i am still pretty excited about it)

With a very high chance that the 7th generation iPhone will basically be a specced-up iPhone 5, I don't think many people can argue convincingly that the iPhone will still sell more than the Galaxy series this year... Do you guys also think that iPhone 5S will need to be more than merely a 3GS-and-4S-like update to maintain its crown? ( in terms of sales, I mean) Or you think that the current iPhone 5S will continue to sell more than any other smartphone?

(Personally, I am very worried. I think Apple needs to re-re-invent the iPhone. )