Tried out a few new apps to make home screen interesting

1. Action Launcher

I was trying out a few launchers the other day on Galaxy Nexus and happened to find this amazing launcher called Action Launcher.

The standout & unique features of this launcher are things like:

1. Making covers: I do not like the default folder structure found in Stock launcher's home screen. But this one, has the ability to make an app icon inside the folder to be a cover for the whole folder.

Whats more, it will launch the cover app directly if you tap on it & will show up the folder of icons only at the swipe up on the icon. This is brilliant.

2. The next amazing thing for me is showing up the associated widget when we perform a swipe on an app icon, that has widget associated with it. Happened to find this accidentally though.

There are other interesting things like, there is a linear, app list of apps now available on the left side of the screen, similar to what is found on WP8. But I would like to see a jump list for, app list screen though just like the way it is WP8.

Overall a very clean, simple and intuitive launcher built upon stock launcher. I haven't seen any performance impact on my phone due to this launcher and it works beautifully.

2. Glovebox:

This is anathor beautifully designed app, compared to the unity launcher and even though developer says, there could be a few bugs, I haven't encountered any till now. Everything has been buttery smooth and I just feel this to be the most intuitive way to launch most used apps on Android.

Looks to me like an Ubuntu ripoff anyway.

3. Dashclock Widget & Battery Reborn:

It looks like it possible to put Dashclock widget as lock screen clock replacement. But I couldn't find anyway to do this. I do not use lock screen anyway, but the only place i could put this was as a lock screen widget, which doesn't actually replace the lock screen clock on Android.

For now, the Widget looks great on my home screen, when combined with my Battery reborn widget , messages , calender and appointments.

The only thing that can make this whole search for wonderful apps complete, is something like "tap to awake", that can help me avoid the power button usage on my phone & awakes the phone from sleep with a tap on the screen.

I would love to hear about, what kind of apps and widgets people normally use on their home screens, to make home screens come alive.