Nokia is working on a second ecosystem, Windows Phone is doomed!



So rumours came out last week that Nokia was going to acquire Jolla, a new rival to the smartphone ecosystem.

However, reports have been coming in today that the rumours are false. The fact is Jolla, is and has always been a division of Nokia the entire time.

For those that aren't in the know, Jolla became a group shortly after Nokia began its Strategic Partnership Program with Microsoft. It was all the talented people that were working on MeeGo, and it was said at the time that these people were been layed off. After some time, spokesperson for Jolla explained that Nokia was sharing its patent portfolio and proprietary resources to it.

In essence, Jolla and its Operating System (codename Sailfish) is MeeGo. Its a desktop grade Linux system that's aimed at the new-gen mobile devices, it looks a lot like RIM's BBX:



This seemed fishy at the time, but it all makes sense. Nokia had a ecosystem ready to launch, at a time when it seemed "too late" to begin a new ecosystem and they were beginning to make losses. Hence, Microsoft came to help Nokia with its own ecosystem and money grants in exchange that Nokia would focus its entire efforts on the Windows Phone platform. So why the deliberate confusion? It seems like a PR dance, or damage control if you will, to reduce the image that Nokia is clueless. They needed to represent an image that they will proceed with the MS plan, and as a long term investment, will make their way back into the mainstream.

It doesn't make sense that Nokia would still produce MeeGo (or Jolla) phones in spite of this knowledge. But what makes less sense is if Lumia devices should fail Nokia's goals, it leaves Nokia without a backup plan. Hence, there's been postulations that Windows Phone devices would be inspected by Microsoft, and if the ecosystem were to be unprofitable, Nokia would be free to enter another market (like Android).

However, the board at Nokia has decided time and time again to not make Android devices. Comparing it to peeing in your pants in winter, a temporary solution to Nokia's long-term strategy. This is why MeeGo makes sense. Allowing Nokia to make its own devices, instead of becoming another "me too" manufacturer like SONY, LG, HTC, ASUS etc.

Its unlikely that Nokia will abandon its current Lumia-Windows Phone devices altogether. Instead, they are focussing on producing both Windows Phone devices and MeeGo/SailfishOS (Jolla) devices. It seems crazy, but its moves like this Nokia is in need of making after having very little to no success with Microsoft's plan. In fact, Blackberry has done such a move itself, and it seems to be paying off even this early into the program.

Here's a very ambiguous comment made by Nokia:

"And Jolla?

To make sure we get ahead of the game on industry innovation evolution, our MeeGo efforts will transition into an ongoing long-term market penetration of the next generation of devices, platforms and user experiences."

The term that's been mentioned over and over again on the internet is "The Twin Sword Plan." I'm guessing its a pun for Jolla's Sailfish/Swordfish. Well what do you guys think, do you think Nokia's making a good decision?
Will they succeed with such a move?

Judging by the success of the Nokia N9 (which was sold at premium price to markets where Nokia doesn't have a stronghold), the early success of Blackberry's new ecosystem, and the lackluster success of Windows Phone, Windows RT and Windows 8 devices.... I think Microsoft is Doomed !
Nokia will probably phase out its Lumia devices as it new Jolla phones become successful and form a nice ecosystem.

Here's the main website for The Jolla Group:
And here's a video about the transition:
And here's Nokia's Official website about its Twin-Sword Plan: