A new article about hackintosh machines?

Dear Forum readers and employees at The Verge

Recently I've been getting into the world of the Mac OSX. I've considered buying an apple computer, but after a lot of debating whether or not I should do it, I decided that it would be better to build a hackintosh (or at least convert my existing PC into one).

For those that don't know, a 'hackintosh' as a computer with 'regular' pc hardware, running apple's mac OSX. Officially this isn't possible, but there are a great deal of solutions to work around this problem.

The Verge has always been a place where I could find out about things like this. I was amazed that there was nothing to be found about this subject. The only article that mentions the word ‘hackintosh’ is an article about unibeast (a custom bootloader required for installing OSX).

My question to you is: Do you agree that a new hackintosh related article should be written? I think it would benefit a lot of people. From what I’ve read, not many people have picked up on the fact that this is even possible.

I think that posting an article like this on a website like The Verge would be quite beneficial to both the website itself and the people who read the article. Most of the websites that have reported on this are smaller sites that don’t get a lot of views. I really think that an article like this could get huge on a website that gets visited by a great deal of people every day.

I’m suggesting that someone at The Verge could write an article about how to actually build one of these machines, what the best components would be and what the benefits of using a hackintosh are (getting to use apple’s operating system at reduced cost, for example).

I'm really interested about your opinion on this subject, be sure to leave a comment!

Laurens van der Laan, 1st year University student from The Netherlands