Kindle HD 7" vs 8.9"

Hello Everyone,

I have recently decided to buy a kindle fire HD but can't decide which one to get. I have considered buying the nexus 7 and the iPad mini but I already have a lot of content on Amazon and just need something to watch movies/shows and read books. According the Verge the Kindle is perfect for that sort of stuff. Here is a short list of Pros I came up with for each:

Pros of the 7-inch:

  • Cheaper (Don't really care about this one, I can get both in the price of an iPad!)
  • Longer Battery Life
  • More Handy Size

Pros of the 8.9-inch:

  • Full HD Screen
  • Faster Processor & Performance

Since I plan on traveling a lot over the next year I need something with a good battery life. I really like the small size of the 7-inch but am concerned with the performance issues that some people have mentioned in the reviews.

Do you think the extra hour of battery life in the 7-inch is worth losing the full HD screen for?