TEGRA 3- hindering development of core Windows Metro Apps?

When the Surface came out, reports of how laggy apps were for Windows RT were common.

We all knew this was mainly down to an underpowered last gen processor MS decided to put into the Surface and not a problem with the OS itself.

I think the real reason why the core metro apps (Mail, Video, Xbox) on Windows 8/RT are so basic and taking so long to develop further is because any complex features will be resource intensive would make the Surface crawl.

Want to know how bad Tegra 3 is performance wise? Take a look at the following tablet processor benchmarks:


I appreciate they are graphical benchmarks but demonstrates the raw power of the processors. Its nice to see Surface Pro beats the competition but lets face it its a bit thick and heavy and battery life is poor, the power to performance ratio is not good. Tegra 3 results is quite embarrassing!

It still amazes me how fast the ipad processor is to the Surface RT considering both devices have similar battery life and dimensions in thickness and weight

I really believe the Surface RT with Tegra 3 processor is holding back development of core metro apps because the new features MS want to implement are unable to run fast enough on it.

It would not surprise me that in a year's time any new versions of the core Win8/RT apps will be unable to be installed or run on a 1st gen Surface RT.

If one of MS aims is to ensure that all future core metro apps continue to run on 1st gen and future Surface RT including full Win8 PC's they are going to have a tough time. The performance gap between the devices will be quite large even when running the next generation feature rich core metro apps.

I really hope MS adopt the Qualcomm 800 series processor for the Surface RT2 and would be really interested in how Windows RT apps perform on a Tegra 4.