Xbox Music

I just want to go over my experience with Xbox music. I have recently been told about a few bands I should listen to and my iTunes account just recently got low an gift card money (my primary source of getting music). I have been using Mog recently, but don't have the money and just ran out of free music after friends using it, so I am stuck using my sister's surface rt with xbox music when I want a slightly larger library of music. Cons 1. First of all, it is really laggy on the surface rt. I don't know whether it missed a touch, it is glitching and going to crash, or just really slow. It isn't too bad, but it gets on my nerves on a bad day. 2. The layout is confusing. This could be because I don't use Windows 8 on a daily basis and I am not accustomed to it, but I don't think that is it. The whole situation with add to now playing is a mess (at least with playlists). If I choose a song out of the playlist I want to listen to, it will only play that song; if I try to skip to the next song, it starts that song over. I then can shuffle the entire playlist, but if I select a song out of the list, it will just play that song. Not only until today did I figure out that you could do the weird swipe to select multiple things in a list (this is the part where not using Windows 8 didn't help) and then can play those songs in that order. I think if I select a second set of songs, it clears out the previous songs but I am not sure, so don't quote me on that. It is little niggles like that that irritate me. Pros 1. Obviously, it provides 6 months of free access to a lot of music. It doesn't include offline use, but that isn't too big of a deal for me. 2. The complexity of it aside, the layout is really beautiful. The way it displays music playing and giving you the option to expand the album art and such, is really enjoyable. I also like the bio feature of the band in the now playing screen. So, that's it. If I made any errors or there is any solutions to my problems, please tell me. I will gladly digress/amend the problem.