Why does everyone complain about iCloud?

I am an iOS/Mac user and happily using iCloud features since the day they released it. Most of it has been working incredibly well. Although some apps might have some latency in syncing stuff. But I never lost any data nor got confused by the results of syncing.

A couple of months ago, the anti-iCloud talk started on the Verge, with Joshua fuelling the discussions on the Vergecast. Although, I felt like he didn't really know what he was talking about.

Then Ellis Hamburger wrote this amazing article. I completely agreed with it, it was informed and intelligent. Still most people ignored the facts. Just listen to Joshua rambling about Apple not being able to do services well - after Hamburger's story. Almost everyone criticised the way iCloud worked - and recently even Google released an iCloud clone API for iOS. (Not sure how Joshua explains this.)

To get to the point. The atmosphere is that iCloud syncing doesn't work. Let's look into that. The output of Hamburger's story is that Core Data syncing doesn't work well for complicated structures. Although key-value storage and document-based storage works really well. And all the user-focused features of iCloud work well (iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match etc.)

So Core Data syncing is like 1/3 of the public API side of iCloud and like 1/10 of iCloud overall. So uninformed people dismiss iCloud as shit.

To be fair, Core Data is a type of database. For people that know anything about computer science, syncing databases is one of the greatest issues of the modern age. So Apple is having issues with one of the most difficult things with web services. How difficult? So difficult that not even Google GIVES IT A TRY.

So Apple is the only one trying to solve the problem of syncing simple-API databases and is getting shit for it. Google is not even trying and people praise it. I'd really like to know from our innovation-seeking community how they defend this approach, when people trying are complained about and people not trying are praised. Probably stems from ignorance of certain people.

What do you think? Don't you think that Joshua and most of the Verge commenter community should first read at least Ellis' article before complaining?