Take a step back and realize how lucky we are

Sometimes we all get lost in the minutia of subpixel arrangements, low light camera performance vs. detail, whether saving a few minutes a day through Android's customization is superior to saving some frustration through iOS's smoothness and stability, whether the attractiveness of a unibody One outweighs the flexibility of a GS4's expandable memory/replaceable battery, etc. and forget how incredible the machines we carry in our pockets are.

Due to the nature of my job, I spend 3-4 hours a day on public transport. During that time, I have available to me just about every single piece of recorded audio ever created. I can watch in good clarity virtually any movie or TV show ever produced. I can read in high resolution almost any book or magazine/newspaper article ever authored. I can chat/text/email or call almost any other person in the developed world. I can take good quality photos/short videos and instantly share them with anyone anywhere.

Just 20 years ago I would have spent that time wrestling with a newspaper and juggling cassette tapes. Just 10yrs ago I would have been able to listen to a subset of 200hrs of songs I had personally available to me and a single book or magazine if I remembered to pack it in my bag. Those hours on the subway/bus have turned from drudgery into a highlight of my day.

Yes, we need to keep pushing the creators of these technologies to make even more possible in the future and to further improve the experience of the present, but sometimes we just need to look at the bigger picture and soak in the incredibleness of it all.