Am I the only one who gets annoyed with app badges ?

So pre-iOS 5, notifications on the iPhone were a mess. No notification centre, no unobtrusive notifications. With iOS 5 though, notifications were implemented much better. However, there's one thing that still annoys me, app badges.

Pre-iOS 5, I can see the need for them. If you dismissed one of the old notifications, you'd always have a way of knowing you needed to check something by seeing the number of notifications. But, when lock screen notifications and notification centre arrived in iOS 5, I think Apple should have got rid of app badges all together. If I choose to check notifications, I go to notification centre. However, if I choose to get rid of all my notifications there, the badges still remain, meaning I then have to go into the app to stop them showing.

I'm an iPhone fan, but this is one thing Android does well, notifications. While I'm pretty sure there are jailbreak tweaks available to do as I want, I don't want to and shouldn't have to change my phone in that way to do something so simple.

What do you think ?