Dvd rom is not reading/picking dvds

i'vebeen using a hp probook for around 1.5 years.it is unable to detect any dvd and the icon in my computer just keeps showing dvd rw title. i tried both discs,i.e. with data and blank dvds,but it cant pick either.yes i tested those discs on other pcs and they worked.my dvd rom is detecting cds and,but not dvd.i rarely use my dvd rom and i think that the lens might havebeen becomr poorer or weaker with time(or for not using it for longer period)but if this is the reason,then it shouldn't pick cds either.i have tried uninstalling it from device manger and after rebooting it,my laptop self installed the driver but it was of no use.

P.S.i cant have hp support since it does not have any support center or something in my country.