If Windows Phone 8.1 doesn't fix X, I'm switching platform

I enjoy the WP UI but missing features (like, for example: rotation-lock, notification center, shortcuts for Wifi, Bluetooth, data and many more. Visit Microsoft's site for more examples) is just a deal-breaker. I could accept the lack of these features one or two years ago, when WP was still in it's early days, but now there's no excuse for Microsoft not to have fixed this stuff. I expected these fixes to hit in NoDo, then Tango and finally WP8/WP7.8 but in never happened. If Microsoft hasn't started listening to it's customer and fans with WP 8.1 I'm done with WP and I'm forced to get a €600 iPhone.


I'm using an "old" (phones get dated so fast these days) LG Optimus 7 Windows Phone 7 device. The phone's sluggish browser performance, poor battery life, and small display is now becoming annoyances for me so I'm thinking about getting a new phone. However, there are no devices out there that are really, really good. The iPhone is the only one that gets close, but it's waaay to expensive. I live in Europe and I'll be getting an unlocked, off-contract phone, so the iPhone is like €600. €500 is like the highest price I would feel comfortable paying for a phone. I'm currently waiting for the next flagship Lumia (not the new aluminum version of the 920), to see if it's any good.

Just get an Android phone?

Well, first of all, I'm not getting an Android phone unless it's a Nexus - on-time OS updates and bloatware-free-ness(I don't know how to describe that in a better way) is high priority for me. So just get the Nexus 4? It seems like a pretty good device but I don't trust LG enough to buy a phone with no exchangeable battery (considering how bad my current LG phone's battery has gotten), also I'm not a fan of Android overall. The Chrome browser is still laggy after like... months? Where the commitment from Google? And the reality is: Android is still choppy and laggy from time to time, unlike WP and iOS.