Is this a good place to ask for car trouble advice?

I know this isnt the first place anyone would think of for that, but since this is the only forum I'm on and it's very active, I thought I'd try to seek help here first. If not, could any point me in the right direction to an active car forum where I could get advice?

So over the weekend I went on a trip to Yosemite and my car was working fine. Made there and back to L.A. with no issues. Today, however, I drove to work (car started fine in the morning), arrived, I parked idled in the parking lot for a few seconds, then all of a sudden it just dies.

Just... bam... dead. No funny sounds, no grinding, no flickering of lights, it's like someone just flipped the switch. On... then off.

When I tried to turn it back on, NOTHING happens. No cranking, my lights wont turn on, radio is dead... now power, no engine activity. The only thing that happens when I turn the key is the Engine light comes on. It seems to be different from the "Check Engine" light, but I'm sure it's just as bad.

I have a 2004 Saturn Vue if that helps anything.

Any help would be appreciated. I will probably need to get towed after work, but I would feel better if I possibly had any idea of what's wrong first before I send it in for repairs.