Does anybody else feel like Microsoft...

... Just DOESN'T get it?

Source of inspiration for post:

First, it was Windows Phone 7, the OS with a next-gen UI. Then, it was Windows 8 - an OS supposedly optimized for touch. And consider everything else in between: the pushing for Office to go mobile, the lackluster Windows Phone 8 and disappointment of not delivering it to Windows Phone 7 customers, it's just been difficult to bear as one who has been using MSFT products since Windows 2000.

Now, we're hearing news that Office for iOS was pushed back - another setback that'll only add to Microsoft's reputation to being 'late'. Meanwhile, we have Google, who aren't shy about creating spectacular iOS apps, and who are slowly figuring out Office for mobile (remember, Google acquired QuickOffice, and even had it built-in on the Nexus 4). We also have Dropbox, who continues to solidify cloud storage (not only over MSFT but also over Apple and Google), and we have Apple slowly taking over PCs with their successful iPad (judging from the decreasing sales of overall PCs and increase of sales of tablets, especially the iPad).

I'm not sure if it's just me, but does anybody else feel like Microsoft is just out for good? I feel like they're always late. Usually, I don't mind products being pushed back, but they're late, and their products just aren't as good as the competition these days (I understand many people like them regardless, but personally, I feel the other two companies transcend Microsoft). To me, Microsoft has always been one with amazing researches, like the Microsoft home they have on their campus, and that part of me wants them to succeed and get back in the game. But they just feel so disorganized, and make it seem like they don't realize the consequences of not releasing quickly, that makes me think they're going to go the same path as Dell or IBM - enterprise only. Any thoughts?