There's something interesting going down on Twitter that needs to be mentioned. The campaign seems simple enough on the surface - get the song "ChaChaLaLa" by Jim Johnson onto the UK Top 40 by any means necessary. But this push a bit different than most. See, "ChaChaLaLa" is a wrestling theme from the WWE. It is also the hottest meme the "mainstream" doesn't know about ... yet.

At the heart of this meme is Fandango, a sadistic, effeminate ballroom dancer played by wrestler Curtis Hussey. (Think "Vega" from Street Fighter, only replacing bull fighting with dancing.) Fandango enters the ring to "ChaChaLaLa," a jazzy dance number written by in-house composer Jim Johnson. While reviews were initially mixed, fans were won over by both Hussey's performance (he never breaks character, going as far as correcting the ring announcer while selling a beating) and his delightful theme. He was even at Wrestlemania 29, wrestling former champion Chris Jericho. But it all paled in comparison to what happened on Monday Night Raw the next night:

Kofi Kingston vs. Fandango: Raw, April 8, 2013 (via WWEFanNation)

...For those unfamiliar with the thing that they are seeing or don't feel like watching a five-minute video, that is the entire crowd singing Fandago's theme. The impromptu sing-along continued throughout the evening, eventually spilling over into the parking lot and the subway. Fandango-mania was here, and it was about to get bigger.

In a post on the Freakin' Awesome Network wrestling forum, a member going by the custom username "Fandingoatemybaby" decided to get "ChaChaLaLa" onto the UK Top 40. He wasn't hoping for anything huge, but it was still worth a try. A few hours later, popular Facebook group Wrestling Memes on got board (and promptly took credit). The song is now #11 on the iTunes UK charts and 7 on Amazon. It also has attracted its fair share of notable names in the wrestling world, including Canadian television personality Arda Ocal, Sun writer Rob McNichol and, surprisingly, the WWE. Even Fandango himself is getting in on the action.

So to anyone in the UK, I ask you: Join the #FandangoRevolution and buy the track. Let's see how far we can take this.