4S vs 5 - Which should I get?

Hello! I'm looking to jump ship from my US Cellular Samsung Galaxy s3 (which I love, but US Cellular doesn't offer true nationwide data coverage and I have to travel for work significantly more now.) to Verizon!

I'm set on taking the leap from Android to iOS, but I want to know: should I go with the iPhone 4s or the 5?

My factors:

  • Cost: On contract, the 5 runs $199 vs $99 for the 4s (the 4 is free, but that's just not going to cut it for me). It's not a lot, but I'd like to save money if I can.
  • Usage: Honestly, I'm not into gaming on my phone really. Maybe some light games, but nothing graphically/processor intensive. How much would the processor/ram honestly affect my day-to-day use?
  • Camera: The spec sheet is better, but what have your experiences been between the two?
  • Battery: How much better is the 5? Coming from an Android phone, I'll probably still be a lot happier with even the 4s.
  • LTE: This is the big one for me. LTE on my carrier is pretty luxurious, how are your Verizon 3G speeds? I'm within WIFI a lot at home, and traveling (touring musician) I often find WIFI at hotels/venues/coffee shops but I feel like I could live with a solid, Verizon 3G connection.
I want to know your input! The only other iOS experience I've had is a 2nd-gen iPod touch.