5 Things Google Must Absolutely Have at I/O

Android is great and it's advancing but it's 2013 and there are things Android is missing that it must absolutely have. Or Android may be the next victim of the mobile wars in a few years time. Innovation must continue. Here are the 5 things Google must present at I/O.

1. Unified Messenger- We all know it's rumored and we better hope it's awesome. Google's disparate services Talk, G+ Messenger, Hangouts, and Voice all don't communicate (kind of like what happened to people after the Tower of Babel event)

Current rumors say Talk, Hangouts, and G+ Messenger will be integrated but not Voice. Voice integration is coming later, which is disappointing.

2. Google Drive device backup. It's Android 4.2 and upgrading to a new phone still means losing app data and settings. Carbon backup actually does this without root but requires a tether to the computer to activate. Google needs a full cloud backup solution. iOS has had it, so Android must have it too.

3. Find my phone/remote wipe. This is obvious functionality and I'm not willing to trust a third party app with these privileges. Neither should the average consumer have to.

4. Unified video and music sharing. Miracast, DLNA, and Google's proprietary services just don't work together in a simple interface like DLNA. Youtube has its own solution that only works with Google TV. Miracast is system level but only works on a few devices and only supports mirroring. DLNA does the other half but app support is scattered and not system level. Google should implement one universal API that can utilize Miracast, DLNA, or DIAL effectively depending on context. It's the only real way to compete with Air Play. If I tap share in any app, I should be able to share to the TV and not know which protocol it's using if I were an average user.

Basically I'm imagining Plex with mirroring and more cloud capabilities.

5. Better developer tools and support. Many developers find it difficult to make games because on top of fragmented hardware, low level code for graphics isn't always standardized or optimized. Google's APIs and development environment is still primitive and apparently requires more effort than X Code. And audio latency in Android makes audio editors difficult and all sorts of little software problems hinder video editing. To get more apps like Caustic or Magisto, Google needs to help not hinder developers.