Things I Find Ridiculous

The items that follow are simply my opinion, whether you disagree is on you and that's cool.


Why when comparing Android phones to Android phones, do dual core and 720p become 'mid range', but these specs are comparable to other OS phones that are considered 'high end'?

Example: The iPhone 5 and Nokia Lucia 920. Both have lower resolution screens and dual core processors right? When compared directly to the newer devices from Android OEMs these device are definitely 'mid range'. They should be identified as such.

I don't care what you say about these devices not needing these specs or any of the nonsense. If reviewers can suddenly define 1080p and quad core CPUs as 'high end' they should utter in the same voice that other OS phones are no longer high end.


The HTC One is called by many a tech website, the best built Android phone...

I would agree, but here's the caveat...

It's only rivaled by the iPhone 5...

Really? Are they scared to come out and say it's a better built device?

My opinion is this: when you consider that HTC found a way to encase the vast majority of the phone in aluminum with only injected molding to allow for radio and other functions, it's much better than the iPhone 5, which uses glass on the back to allow for the same functionality.

Seamless design? The HTC One is a more seamless device by far in comparison. The two wedges of glass that separate the aluminum on the iPhone 5 is kinda frumpy in direct comparison. (I think the iPhone 5 is a fine looking device, but not when side by side to the One in this category.)


This is totally subjective, as is most of the post, but I prefer soft touch plastic to aluminum. In my own rating I would put aluminum as a second place material, just above the shiny hyperglaze of Samsung phones.

HTC and Nokia using these materials of molded plastic/polycarbonate is great feeling in the hand, without none of the worry of dropping the phone in the hopes of not denting it or putting heartbreaking scratches on the surface of an aluminum based one.

I love my iPad, but I would enjoy using it more if I didn't feel as if it would slip right out of my hand with its smooth metal facade.

These are just some thoughts I wanted to get off my chest. Again, just my opinion...

What do you all think?