Any current smartphones w/ sunlight-friendly reflective/transflective displays?

Does anyone know if there are ANY current smartphones out there that have sunlight friendly reflective displays (a la the iPhone 3G/3GS and Palm Pre)? The only one I'm aware of is the Xiaomi Phone (which is apparently also called the MiOne), which uses a 4" Sharp Transflective display. Are there any others (particularly ones that are sold locally in the US)?

While I realize that the displays are not as vibrant as, well, everything that's currently used in flagship phones these days, I do miss being able to use my phone outside on a sunny day without having to fiddle around with the screen brightness settings.

While I would like to be wrong, I would assume that if there are phones out there that still use these displays, they would be in lower end prepaid phones. Would anyone be able to confirm this?