Todays IDC report and this whole "cars and trucks" thing...

I first saw coverage of the IDC statistics on the decline in the PC market on HuffPost and knew that Gruber was gonna have something to say about it, so I hit up his site and certainly he had made a comment already. However, I was actually rather surprised at his response.

He broke out the ol' Jobs "Cars VS. Trucks" analogy. This analogy tends to keep coming up in the tablets vs. desktop/laptop conversation, and I can't help but pick up on the irony here.

The irony is that the automobile industry clearly doesn't just consist of sedans and pickups, and hasn't for a long time. There are a number of commercially successful mash ups; vans, wagons, mini-vans, sub compact wagons, SUV's, CUV's, trucks, big ass trucks, etc.

There is obviously a demand for vehicles that hybridize different styles and functions. Now you might be thinking that cars are not computers and that they exist on different usage planes. However, this analogy was comparing a point in time where it truly was just cars and trucks on the competitive landscape, and that landscape was usurped by the innovation of hybrid models to introduce a whole new competitive landscape.

Windows8 has brought a new competitive landscape into view with the tablet/laptop hybrid, and the automobile form factor line up does serve as a model for the success potential of tablet/laptop hybrids as consumers do benefit from the combination of form factors and usage scenarios. I honestly feel that Windows 8 adoption rates are lower than they could be due to brand perception and the gullibility of the average consumer towards Apple, and that's more of a marketing problem than anything.