Please Please .. Do not blame Windows 8 for low PC Sales.

Windows 8 is brilliant. Brilliant to those who want to support original, authentic and creative stuff. Brilliant to those who simplicity. Brilliant to those who are ready to learn anything new and try to put it in their life straight away.

I have been using windows 8 from past 4 months ( in fact since its inception in October, brought SONY VAIO 15123CN in November.) & I have only one thing to say, it is AWESOME!!

Most of my views in this post might be hilarious & stupid for many, but I honestly believe they are true in 99% of scenarios.

I have read people bitching about the following in windows 8, but, I honestly do not see any issues with any of these:

1. Mail & Calendar: Both of these are working flawlessly from day 1. I am using Mailbird for Gmail, Yahoo mail for Yahoo and native windows 8 app for Hotmail. All the 3 are working amazingly and I get notifications sometimes faster than my GNexus itself!!!

I have integrated my Google calendar with Hotmail calendar and I am having no issues of syncing at all. I seriously do not understand this CalDAV support being removed. It all works fine with me.

2. Xbox Music: This is one app which has come under massive criticism from every tech author. But the matter of fact is it is way superior than crappy iTunes. It probably might have had issues with purchasing music, but for a general user, Xbox music is more than good enough. It has all that I need, plus I get additional stuff like Artist animation, Free music streaming!!

In fact I found the Xbox music to be so good that I uninstalled iTunes on the same day!!

3. Apps: I feel the metro browser is more than good enough to supplement most of the apps available on app store.

For example:
I do not bitch about not having a Facebook app for Windows 8 because I can create a shortcut icon which I can pin to start screen, which upon click would open up a full screen chrome less application with Facebook. This is much much better experience than having a Facebook app itself.

I seriously do not understand, what does a Tablet optimized app mean? In my view it is Pure BS!! All that matters is your interactivity with application and metro browser is more than good enough to provide all that good interactivity that is needed.

Just to stop people from bitching around, I think MS must emulate something similar to Chrome Web store. Chrome web store in my view is nothing but a collection of bookmarks of websites.

4. Games: Which app store in this world is big enough to compete with PC Games? Which app store can get me to play, Project IGI, Age of Empires, Captain Claw, Crisis, half life, quake, Max Payne, Counter strike?? ( P.S These are my personnel favorites!!)

5. UI Customization & Metro Start screen:

Metro start screen is brilliant IMO. It has been termed as a abomination & untouchable over the past few months by money. But, I have had no problems what so ever with it. I have also installed décor 8 which actually provides a ton of customization options.

Windows 8 has always been & will be in the shadows of iOS & Android. Sadly for MS, it looks like its Game over at both mobile and tablet platforms, even though they have a fully competent system in place now!!