Post PC

Hey Guys, so i was reading this article

It talks about how PC sales are plunging. The entire market. The Mac did better than everyone else but is still being cannibalized by the iPad. I love the iPad. I've had one since the first generation and i love it. I can do almost everything i need to do on it. Though, it doesn't replace my Mac. Not because it's not capable, but because i think sometimes a larger screen and keyboard is called for. As i read the article it got me thinking about the future, and the state of this industry as a whole. Where do we go from here? I'm a graphic artist and designer. While i love the tablet form factor, as a creative i will always want a larger canvas to work on. Or all different canvas sizes. From iPad size, to desktop size. My question is does apple want the iPad to take over and be the only computing device? Do you think they eventually want to get rid of the Mac? I'm just wondering what this post PC time period is all about. Microsoft's answer was to combine the OS and make various form factors. Which of course has not caught on. I've used windows 8, and i honestly enjoyed it. It was actually really nice to have touch on these large desktop type displays. Apples motto is obviously very different.

Does the iPad always exist as the iPad and nothing more? Does IOS get so advanced that they release even larger iPads, or iPads pro's for their pro customers? I just don't know where this takes us. Take my shop for example. I could never run it without my desktop machine. All the print and design work it's just something that couldn't be done on an ipad or even say a windows 8 tablet. There's just certain situations that will always call for a desktop like setup. Where do you guys think the post PC times lead us? Long before the iPad i always though apple would actually create a tablet that runs more like OSX rather than IOS. While of course i understand the software had to be written from the ground up, miniaturized, and made for low power, which is what makes iPads so great, but i think a large part of the market also calls for something more. Do you guys think apple will ever take this whole tablet thing to another level? Or make all their desktops tablet like? I think we are in a little bit of a confusing state. Especially for the professional sector of the market. I'm wondering if apple will end up doing something special for their professional customers with a touch device. My worry is, if the ipad dominates, where does that leave the professional market? I think for pro users you get a machine and spend a lot of money on it so it's lasts for a long period of time. At the same time a company like Wacom sells their pen displays like hot cakes. While PC sales decline, Wacom sells their pen tablets like apple sells iPads. So it's not like the professional side of the market is small. It's really large.

What do you guys envision for the future of this industry? Does another form factor come along? Do ipad's end up coming in all shapes and sizes? Does IOS become more advanced than OSX? Does apple end up unifying the operating systems? Or do they re-write OSX for touch? If the iPad is the future, how should apple expand on the ipad to make it the ultimate computing device? If the iPad is the future, and one day the Mac does go away, what do apple users who are designers, graphic artists, animators, video editors, content creators do? Where do this leave creators? There will always be the need for a larger display setup no matter what. There's a time and place for a tablet, and there's a time and place for a larger device. Maybe apple sticks to the iPad is it's own thing, and the Mac is it's own thing, but if the sales on the mac side keep going down, i can't see apple keeping the Mac in the pipeline. Would love to hear your thoughts.