note 2 lte paranoid android 3.15 pros and cons

so, i have a note 2 lte on contract and i'm really bored and tired of how to stock rom which is filled with bloatware,so i rooted it,installed cwm and flashed this rom.guess what?wonders happened!i fell in love with my note 2 all over again,here's why...


-Blazing fast interface

-Zappy app switching(which used to take a secong or two)

-Still having 4g lte(best thing i could have wished for)

-Pretty stable,daily driver material-ish(i'll explain in a sec)

-All of my apps works splendid :)

-No ramdom reboots(thank god for that,or the devs behind it)

-The option to use apps in tablet mode(ONLY FOR PARANOID ANDROID!)

All seems perfect,but it didnt took very long for me to find some bugs(and personal likings)


-No multiwindow (miss that a bit)

-Camera and gallery maybe buggy at some point

-Somewhat poor internet connection to 4g/3g/2g/edge

-Apps force closes in backgroud(not exactly a deal breaker)

-The s pen doesnt have as much function as it use to have(mainly no snote,smemo,etc)

And to basicly sum up this rom-fast,smooth,fun(in a way)

theres also a note 2(n7100)version so i strony recommend this rom besides cm10.1

If any of you have any good roms for the note 2 lte or the htc incredible s, please leave them in the comments below :)