Top IOS7 must have features.

1. Unified Social Hub:

This would be where SMS, MMS, E-Mail, Facetime, Facebook, Twitter, and more could be combined into one application. This idea is essentially a combination of Blackberry's hub and Windows' People Hub. Their system isn't perfect, yet I think it is a great feature to build upon to create a simple, elegant way to handle all forms of communication. IOS is far outdated in this field. It's a pain to have to jump in and out of a bunch of different apps to complete different tasks.

My idea for the simplest way to implement this would be to replace the unified search screen to the left of the home screen. The user would swipe right to bring up an area where you could view all messages from all sources. Just like BB10, you'd be able to sort them out by where they come from if you'd like, but the most recent unread notifications would be sorted to the top with either color coding or icons to identify the source.

Some of the kinks that need to be ironed out with this idea would be how you'd sort the information. There could be tabs at the bottom which would sort the info by source, or it could be another gesture such as a second swipe right or from the left side of the phone to reveal the options. It would be nice to also be able to access your feeds (facebook, twitter, instagram etc.) from here, however, should that prove to be too cumbersome, they could be implemented elsewhere such as, in the notification drop down.

2. Swipe away notifications and mulitask icons.

This is very simple. I'm not quite sure how comfortable everyone is with having to strike that tiny little "x" by the notifcations and icons, but I find it quite frustrating. Clearing a notification is mostly a shooting gallery for me. I hardly ever do it on the first try. It requires me to steady the phone to take a concentrated aim at the target. The gesture is already used to archive and delete emails. They simply have to carry it over to the notifcations the way android does with theirs. Also, this could be used in the multitasker. There are jailbroken methods that successfully implement this already. Even uninstalling apps could be done in the same manner, just look at how android does this with their process.

3. Mark all read/delete/archive

Ok, this is literally the most juvenile feature missing from IOS. I cannot understand how Apple has not addressed this in its entire existence. Have you ever wanted to wipe your messages or emails clean? This is impossible according to IOS. I know there is a wacky bug to exploit with holding down the mark button and deselecting an e-mail but, come on. Let's just get this done Apple. Please.

4. Integrated "whatsapp" style messaging into iMessage.

I know this is another "lets get BBM" type argument, but it serves a big purpose. The main thing I'm interested in is the group functionality. Groups are extremely useful in both social life and business. Sharing locations, pictures and having a persistent area to communicate with like-minded people is extremely useful. I miss my BBM groups.

5. Improved widget support.

Apple only has three widgets right now: stocks, weather and twitter/facebook post. I'm not asking for the huge range of widgets android has. I had an android and the vast majority of widgets are useless novelties. One important widget in particular comes to mind which is a news feed ticker.

Countless times each day, I grab my phone to check for news both in the world and in my social life. It'd be nice to have the ability to dig these up out of the apps and have a scrollable widget to sift through the news headlines. I mentioned earlier having twitter and facebook feeds, these could be done through widgets. The implementation is a tougher subject, but again this could possibly done through another gesture based swipe or even replacing the notifcation drop down. Honestly, in my experience, I've never used the notification drop down to look at notifications. I use it as a quick way to post a status or access the weather. This seems like the best place to put your news hub. We've already replaced the unified search with the communication hub, so now lets call this the news hub. You pull down from the top to view your news feed. Similar to pulse and flipboard where you select your favorite sources to display headlines on the scrollable widget. Swipe from side to side from here to switch between other feeds such as facebook, twitter, instagram and weather. There will be quick access to post your media from here.

These are ideas to be used. I understand the implementation isn't always the simplest thing, but Apple doesn't trust me to command their software development so I'll never get to try this out. I hope Apple is aware of these concepts and open to progress. The fact is IOS is well aged and in need of a refresh. I don't think these ideas are too radical, as they do not drastically change the operation of the OS, they simply take the most popular tasks and bring them to the forefront for quicker access rather than buried in seperate apps.

I'd also like to take this opportunity here to give a disclaimer that I'm open to constructive criticism. I'm not a psycho monster looking to destroy IOS. I'm just brainstorming.

EDIT: 6. Individual app lock.

I'd like to have the ability to set a passcode by app individually. There are only certain things I'd like to keep private on my phone, such as certain photos, messages and notes. However, I don't like having to use the passcode every single time I want to unlock my phone for simple things like facebook, news, weather etc.