Nokia shows how to take care of customers.

As I go along my mobile journey you start to notice which companies really care and which ones just look at you as cattle. Nokia is of the former they heard a problem with their 920 update have already turned around a fix. The people with the dust issues send your phone in or go to a Nokia care center and they will have it fixed or give you a entirely new unit.

I had a issue with my 820 and its screen even after seeing that the phone had been dropped they still replaced it. Some might say well Nokia is in a corner except they have always taken care of their customers. Have a HTC One X so pissed off with that thing it is just in a box somewhere wanting for fixes for endless problems was just not good. Samsung is the same way if its broke go by another one. Only Apple shows such care(well as long as you bought Apple care)and I don't like apple at all but at least they show diligence to there customers, unless you hold it wrong. What do you guys think?