The HTC One that everybody would LOVE (I think)

Well, the title speaks itself. I'll show you guys a "modified" version of the HTC One, as I wanted it to be. For me, this is the perfect phone. As you can see in the picture, I got rid of the capacitive buttons layout and put on some on-screen buttons, because I think they are more useful (for using the swype-up function to open Google Now and for watching "real" full screen videos) and you won't see it but in this "modified" version of the HTC One, the lock/wake up button is on the right side, right above to the volume buttons, and there's still the IR blaster on the top. These are the only things I'd change of the HTC One, and the things that are keeping me not buying it. I will love HTC for the rest of my life if they make this real (at least for my LOL). So, what do you think guys? Does the actual HTC One need some design changes for you?



PS1: I'm not good at using Photoshop, and actually, this is the first time I've ever used it so don't kill me if it seems to be made using Paint (LOL).

PS2: Sorry about the bad english, it's not my first language.

UPDATE: Guys, I sent this same message to HTC USA and they replied me with this:

"Hola Ademir Carrizales Mesias,

Thanks for contacting HTC Technical Support Center.

Our doors are always opened to receive all the comments and feedback you can provide us. Our customer’s voice is the most important part of HTC, and we always put the customer at the center of our business. We thank you for these ideas and comments for the HTC One, they will be definitely taken into account for future releases. "

There's still hope, fellows.