Hi guys, I need help regarding Samsung Galaxy S4's Network compatibility. I live in Mexico, the only decent carrier here is called TELCEL, I have an Iphone 5 right now and always want the latest phone, SICK of Apple, I fell in love with Android so I bought the new HTC One Unlocked from a dealer in UK, when I got it here, to my surprise, when inserted my iphone 5's LTE nano chip into the HTC One (using a sim adapter of course) IT DIDNT WORK, NEVER GOT A SIGNAL AT ALL, after some research I realized the HTC One would never work in Mexico because of the NETWORK COMPATIBILITY, now I am stuck with an expensive phone and no use for it.

Now I wanna buy an Unlocked Galaxy S4 but wont make the same mistake again!!!! That's why I need you experts in the whole Network and channel bands subject to HELP ME, be sure if an UNLOCKED, SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 will work with my sim card in MEXICO.