LinkedIn purchases Pulse, future of app in jeopardy

LinkedIn, a social network most popular among networking professional types, has just purchased popular news reading application Pulse for a decent sum of $90 million. Pulse has apps currently available for iOS and Android and is similar in execution to a similar, more popular application called Flipboard. Despite this, Pusle has a large and passionate user base who rely on and use the software every single day, including myself. For these people, there unfortunately is reason for concern.

LinkedIn has been forward in saying that they purchased Pulse for the talent, saying that the existing Pulse team and the LinkedIn team will be working “side by side…to create new and better ways to help professionals contribute to and leverage this collective body of business knowledge. In the meantime, Pulse will continue to deliver the news you care about and will remain the great experience you count on everyday.” Pulse itself will be relocating to LinkedIn’s Mountain View, Calif., headquarters.

As for the current iteration of Pulse apps, LinkedIn said in a press release that the team will “continue to be supported as the integrated Pulse and LinkedIn teams work to build future generations of professional content consumption products.”

Source ---------- All I know is that if LinkedIn takes away Pulse, I'm going to be upset. I've tried numerous different news aggregator applications of this sort - Flipboard, Currents, Pulse, and a few others I know I'm forgetting. I always found Pulse to be the best designed and engaged me the most in the content, which is the main purpose of a content aggregation service after all.
Also surprised that the company sold for only $90m - seemed like they could potentially be worth more than that. I know that Flipboard is a monster in this space, and it must be difficult to compete against the kings of the hill, but it seems like LinkedIn got a steal here. Still makes me feel better that I never payed for a premium version of Pulse or the sort. After being burned by Sparrow not once, but twice (Mac and iOS), I'm always a bit hesitant to buy into these smaller app startups now.