[Update] The Great Android Customisation Poll!

Android is indeed an incredibly versatile platform for customisation, let us see how many of us take advantage of said customisation or who simply prefer and/or rely on a stock standard Android experience. No judgement on those that like to keep it stock ;)

Let The Great Android Customisation Poll BEGIN!!


The Great Android Customisation List:

  1. Device.
  2. Rooted - Yes/no?
  3. ROM - Stock/custom?
  4. Kernel - Stock/custom?
  5. Android version (see 'About phone' in settings)
  6. No. of apps installed from Play Store (check in play store under "My Apps")
  7. Lockscreen - Stock/custom?
  8. No. of lockscreen widgets (If applicable, excludes camera app)
  9. Launcher - Stock/custom?
  10. No. of home screen pages
  11. No. of home screen widgets (as a rule of thumb if it is not an app icon then its a widget)
  12. Home screen wallpaper - Live/static?
  13. Custom Icon Pack - Stock/custom?
  14. Custom Keyboard - Stock/custom?
  15. Typing preference - Standard/gesture swipe/other?
  16. Browser - Stock/Chrome/Dolphin etc...
  17. SMS Messaging - Stock/Custom?
  18. Preferred Online Messaging Client - Whatsapp/GTalk/Facebook Messenger etc...

Pssst...if you don't understand what something means (e.g. ROM, kernel) write "No" or "Stock" ;)

If you've written "Custom" for anything please write which mod i.e. 15. Custom - Swiftkey

Finally, if you have any other suggestions please feel free to list in comments.

Apologies for the (almost) 20 points to fill in but the more who participate then the more data is available to produce awesome looking graphs and/or pie charts later on!


Thank you all for such an awesome response... 60+ setups already!

Admittedly it is a relatively tiny sample size but nevertheless I'll capture the data and present the results in a new post soon. I'll continue to check this thread so new people reading this are welcome to post their setups in the comments below and I'll update results.