What do Windows Users Want in a Laptop?

I'm writing this in reaction to a curious thing I observed in the Engadget thread about the new Series 9.

The price was $1400 and at least 70% of the comments called it overpriced for

4GB RAM or 128GB SSD.

Many claimed there were cheaper alternatives that had the same quality.

But what did the "same quality" mean?

The Series 9 has a fantastic build quality of an aluminum unibody.

A great trackpad rivaling that of the Mac.

A 1080p screen.

An i7 processor.

5 hour battery life



I found few laptops besides the Macs that could match all of that for a similar price.

So it became apparent that in order to reach the "same quality" conclusion, certain things had to not matter.

So what does matter to Windows users? Are RAM and storage the most important? Does the CPU matter? Does anyone care about the trackpad and screen (practically only 1% of the comments mentioned either of those)?