Clogged Pipes? Not Enough Google Fiber. How much do you pay for internet?

Do you have enough fiber in your diet? Are your pipes constantly blocked and irregular? Do you wish to have higher, more consistent throughput? You probably need more fiber.



All of this Google Fiber news has got me seriously evaluating my current internet service provider (ISP). I want to get a pulse on the rest of the country (or if you are outside of the US, please post, too!). It's pretty simple. This is going to be an informal survey. Where do you live? Who is your ISP? How much do you pay for internet? What are your speeds, down/up? Is it reliable?

I'll start:

Jacksonville Beach, FL

AT&T UVerse

$46 ($56 - $10 cable bundle discount... aren't they nice!!! Internet + cable = $120)

18 down/ 1.5 up (pathetic uploads. shameful. quite embarrassing)

75% happy with reliability



Post your in the comments! Thanks.