Android Needs a Customization App

I believe that for functional customization, Android is very good and matured at this point. What I am talking about is only visual customization. We have many choices in Android when it comes to customization; but they are hard to find. You can find some in Google Play but not others, You can find some in XDA forum, but they are scattered around in hundreds of sub-forums etc. Plus, every launcher or other application of some kind tries to implement its own customization settings. It is a mess. For example if I want to change the Notification shade color, my only option is to install CM10 themes, which affect phone, messaging, settings apps etc. I don't want that.

I also have an Iphone 5 around the house, jailbroken. Some customization options are better in there. For example there is an app which easily changes your notification center colors or animations. It was a well-made app and

looks like this



So what I want is an application like this; lots of horizontal tabs with options such as animations, notification shade, system apps, etc. Maybe every theme maker would built its stuff to support that also.

If there are any app developer around here take notes, I'd pay good money for an app like this. What do you guys think? Is there an app like this which I missed totally, rendering this post useless?

Sorry for my English.