HTC First (store) Hands On - Size and Soft Touch Finish

Stopped by to check out the new HTC First on my lunch break. The phone felt small yet very usable at 4.3"...I could easily reach all 4 corners of the device without having to do the "1-hand smartphone shuffle" that seems to be the norm with flagship Android devices. I wouldn't mind a flagship 4.5" 1080P Android device with minimal bezels instead of this continuous march to 4.7"-5" screens that are all too common these days. The feel in hand is tremendous, and I didn't notice a huge difference between my Nexus 4 and the First when it came to content on the display. Definitely a nice screen, and definitely a size I could see myself using.

The main point of my post is the feel of the phone. It feels nice, not super-premium, but good enough to inspire confidence in the build quality. What I did notice was a variance in the finishes depending on teh color. Red and Black were more of a matte finish that felt "grippier", whereas the white and light blue (and its extremely light blue) were not as grippy and more slippery. I attribute that to the issues HTC had with the white One X where it would dirty very quickly.

All in all, a pretty good device for $100 on contract.