Mobile review overhaul

Hi all,

Everyone knows the verge tend to have very very conflicting views on Mobiles phones, how fast it feels, how good the battery life is, and so on. I think the main reasons is due to them having 1 person rush out the major reviews, to get all the Google juice.

However I purpose that they put in place a system where you update certain parts of the review which you can't really tell how good it is in a short period of time. Most around the battery life, most of the time its a short paragraph saying it got you through a day, instead all these phones have some sort of battery chart (With android there is a lot of apps to give you detailed info and I'm sure the others have this too). You could maybe spend 1 week with the phone, then after that have 1 full day where you have some 3rd party app tracking your battery usage e.g. better battery stats for android and posting this all as an update to your review. Moreover if you have a few review unit then you can all contribute to this, giving us more detailed info that is consistent across all the staff.

This gives 2 great things, much better detail for your users, and better ranking as Google loves articles and pages that are updated and keeps the info from getting stale. This doesn't only apply to mobile phones but it seems to be affecting them the most as the other platforms do better with the standard video rundown.