Best GPS smartphone?


I currently have an HTC One X and I relly on GPS heavily and let me tell you the GPS on the HTC One X is brutal. The accuracy is horrible: it jumps around when I'm not moving and struggles to find my location when travelling abroad.

Now, since this was my first experience with a GPS enabled smartphone I can't judge how accurate other phones are. My friends with Iphone GPS looks pretty good when used for driving directions (HTC One X I wouldn't even bother trying the same while driving).

Thus I'm looking for my next phone purchase (withing the next year) to have superb GPS accuracy. What types of phones should I be looking? I don't like Iphones (not a fan of apple) and I'm not a big fan of android (though they do have good apps), however I'm looking at WP since I know Nokia is well known with their maps technology.

Which phones would you recommend? HTC 8x or Lumia 920/820? If anyone has these could they comment on the GPS.