Why my Facebook Addicted Wife did Not Pre-Order the Facebook Phone

I’ve been trying to wrangle my thoughts about the Facebook phone that was just recently released. I know, it’s a waste of my limited brain power, but, as an avid Facebook user, it is intriguing. I like the general idea of putting people over apps. I am definitely more interested in interacting with my friends and family versus using apps. Although, there are times when I prefer to hide in a dark corner and listen to M83 way too loud, but you really only need one app for that.

My wife is also an enthusiastic Facebook user. As she laments, “I’m only on it [constantly] because my friends are on it.” Yeah right. I bought her a Nexus 7 awhile back and she’s just started to venture beyond the FB app. OMG, you mean there are games too? Sweet!

I love my wife. Her use of technology is adorably and frustratingly simple. Despite this fact, I felt terrible that she was stuck with a dumb phone from Virgin Mobile (it was probably used on “The Wire” as a burner), so, being a caring and dutiful husband, I decided to surprise her with a pre-ordered HTC First phone. Her reaction, “Cancel the order.” Surprise!

I thought the phone was perfect for her, and it was only out $100! We had to downgrade our cell phone plan about six months ago to save some dough. Our financials evened out, so I decided it was time she had a proper smartphone. Low and behold, HTC releases the First in partnership with Facebook at $100. I had falsely assumed she would love the concept.

She said she was concerned about our finances moving forward (bless her), but I got the distinct feeling there was something more to her rejection of the phone. I think it had to do with the overall concept. My wife was afraid of putting her entire life on FB and having her wants and desires tracked. I pointed out that FB could already do that with great accuracy. I also pointed out that Google most likely knew the type of tea she drank on Wednesday evenings, but, for whatever the reason, the FB intrusion felt sleazier.

I believe the distaste for Facebook reduces down to the fact that some people share genuinely intimate moments with their friends and family. My darling wife falls in this category. I do not believe it is always wise to share your true thoughts, but I also think that any person cannot be accurately depicted solely on their FB profile. There are times that we, as a society, let our masks down and share our true thoughts with great emotion. Facebook knows when my kids were born. They know the time I got promoted. FB can pinpoint within a reasonable window of accuracy the exact moment my eldest daughter lost her first tooth. We share these moments with our closest because it’s important to us. We share to make the world a better and smarter place to live. A friend of mine told me that ‘it warms his heart’ to watch my daughters grow up and experience life.

The Facebook phone will be a success. I have little doubt that the masses will gobble up Zuckerberg’s latest brainchild for the simple reason that it gives people what they want. That is the unadulterated joy of the Facebook sharing experience. The droves that will flock to their local AT&T store; however, will not be people like my wife. They will not be folks that cherish the purity of their posts. They are not people that share discreetly. This phone is for the people that don’t care. They just want to be apart of the machine with complete disregard. Why? To be cool. To be the first. To be accepted. Lambs to the slaughter.