Help me, Apple Community!

Thanks for caring to read this! Please give me a minute of your time and help me out :)

I am using iPhone 5 in Singapore on Singtel(carrier). I notice that the standby time dramatically reduces with cellular data turned on, regardless of 3G or LTE. It's about 5% decrease for every hour without doing anything with the phone.

And because iOS doesn't have quick access to settings, this kind of battery life means a very bad experience. To make my iPhone 5 last a full day ( which I believe is Apple's target for iPhone's battery life since they don't give users quick access to settings) with LTE/3G, Location Services, raise-to-speak Siri and auto-brightnessturned on with , I can only Whatsapp and listen to music for short periods of time. Actually, it's only half a day as I return home from school at around 5pm.

I don't think this kind of battery life is normal. I believe it's due to the carrier. So, I am curious to know, for those of you who use iPhone 5, how's your battery life with all the above settings turned on, especially LTE? How many percent decrease per hour on LTE without doing anything? Please let me know because I am dying to find out. I would appreciate if you tell me what country you are in and what carrier your iPhone 5 is on.