Task Management with Windows devices

I'd like to share my way of managing tasks with windows, and I am very curious about how you guys use apps and devices as tools to manage different aspects of your lives, so please comment!

I am the kind of person who needs well structured task management in order to put any plans into action. So I keep notes and task lists for all kinds of things - work related stuff, ideas for birthday presents, daily/weekly stuff such as exercise or grocery shopping, et cetera.

This kind of task management requires: a fast and easy way to find the notes I'm looking for; a fast and easy way to make quick notes anytime, and to regularly edit my plans according to these quick notes; a daily to do list that I can have a quick glance at anytime; customisable tags for certain kinds of notes; reliable backup and synching between devices

I have tried different methods over the years (including handwritten notes), and have ended up doing all my task management in OneNote, using one notebook (stored and synched via skydrive). I have a section for daily stuff such as shopping lists and lists of daily tasks at work, and a separate section for onetime tasks such as returning books to the library in time, fixing my parents' laptop, or writing a scientific paper. In addition to these, I have a daily to do list which is pinned to the start screen of my windows phone. OneNote Quick notes also is pinned to the start screen.

All this works pretty well, the only thing I'm not satisfied with is using a onenote page as a to do list. Apart from checkboxes there is no task list functionality in onenote. On the other hand creating and editing a to do list in onenote is much faster than with outlook and similar services.

Thanks for reading, and please share your experiences and thoughts!