2012 Server Questions - Admin questions

So it's looking like that time for me to start planning my upgrade path of my 2008 R2 servers over to Sever 2012.

I had a few questions while I'm waiting for my ISO to download for me to start testing:

  • Are there any concerns or big complications when upgrading? I'm looking at starting with File Servers and *maybe* a print server.
  • Data DeDuplication. This is the main reason that I am looking at upgrading instead of a fresh installation. I have a file server which (by my screw up) granted exclusive rights to one of my Folder redirection. So therefore I cannot view the folders and what is in them without taking a huge gamble on trying to correct permissions manually. I simply cannot move them to a new server as then the local machine will still pull cached results.
  • Are there any new tools that I should look at starting to use? I'm starting to dive heavily into powershell which I know is apparently very robust in 2012.
  • I swear I had more questions but this is all I can think of right now. :D

Let me know what your experience has been! Thanks.