Does smartphone screen size really matter?

2013 is the year where smartphones are getting bigger and bigger not in terms of hardware but also in terms of screen size.We have already seen some big companies unveiling their top guns like HTC,Samsung etc!
They just keep getting better and better.We have seen HTC one with 4.7 inch 1080p display and not to mention Samsung Galaxy S4 with a massive 5 inch 1080p display.If we talk about pixel density,we all know that a size increases the pixels goes down.But lets not go with that logic!!! It also depends upon they type of display a manufacturer uses.. (LCD,AMOLED,SLCD etc) Lets agree smaller phones are easier to use and easy to handle..
When it comes to S4 and many other phones having huge displays..we all have some minor issues about handling.Larger screen sizes are an advantage when it comes to surfing,gaming..watching movies etc! Personally I really enjoy using them! But sometimes I find it difficult to handle them..when i am walking on the road or any other outside activity.To be honest I have dropped my phone many times..and I curse manufacturer for making huge phones even though I love them...We all know that everyone today wants a smartphone with larger screen size..
As companies are throwing mid-range phones also with 4-5 inch displays...
So what you all think? Does screen size really matter? Gsmarena_002_medium