HTC ONE or iphone 5?

hello everyone. I have been using the iphone 5 since december. i am enjoying my time and like how everything just works and how polished apps are. i moved to the USA in the summer and had a htc one x unlocked, but we got a family plan so i sold it and got the iphone 5. now my mom just got the iphone 5, so now i can give her mine and replace hers with the ONE when it comes out next week. so here what i love and hate about the iphone: the camera is great. all apps are polished and mostly released before android. everything is fast and smooth. i hate the screen size, as i liked the big one x screen. i still did not jailbreak mine, so i think its a bit closed and battery life is not so great. i have the 16GB and its almost finished. the ONE has 32 GB for the same price.

as for the htc : i like the big high resolution screen. the phone looks amazing (the iphone also looks great). I use most of google's products and have a chromebook (even though google has good support for iphone). i like google now, siri is dumb. storage will help me put everything on it. from my experience with the one x, the software was laggy and not very smooth. so what do u guys think? i have a free upgrade to the ONE, I like both ios and android, so should i get it and leave the iphone?